Daniel Thorne

[composer, saxophonist]

Daniel Thorne is an Australian composer and saxophonist, currently making music from Liverpool, UK.

UK Tour with Julia Kent

I’m extremely excited to say that I’ll be joining the incredible Julia Kent on a UK tour in November!

The dates are:

Tue 12 November, CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge Junction [tickets]
Wed 13 November, EXETER, Exeter Phoenix [tickets]
Thur 14 November, BRISTOL, St George’s Bristol [tickets]
Fri 15 November, LONDON, Mirth, Marvel & Maud [tickets]
Sat 16 November, BRADFORD, Fuse Arts Space [tickets]
Sun 17 November, SALFORD, The Eagle [tickets]

It’s a real honour to be supporting an artist of Julia’s calibre - reading interviews with her about how she self-produced her records was actually a big influence on my decision to make Lines of Sight in that way.

I’m going to be trying out some new material written specifically for my solo set - I can’t wait!

Video for "From Inside, Looking Out"

Very very excited to share this video for “From Inside, Looking Out”, the opening track of Lines of Sight. It was created by the incredible Thomas Gill, who I first had the pleasure of working with last year when Immix collaborated with him and the equally incredible Kelly Lee Owens. I always imagined this track as having a fast-paced birds-eye perspective, and Tom really took that idea and ran with it. The images themselves are taken from NASA’s online archives, and I’m absolutely in love with it.

Immix Ensemble 2017-2018 Series

I'm very excited say that Immix's next series begins on June 8th at the Bluecoat, featuring new music written by the incredible Luke Abbott, and myself. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have been supported once again by the Arts Council England, and this concert will be the first in a series of five new commissions that we'll be performing across Liverpool (and beyond!) over the next 12 months. 

Tickets for this first show are here, and you can stay up to date with everything Immix-related here and here and here.

The Attempt

Recently, I wrote some music for Adam Scovell's short film, The Attempt. The film deals with the poet Edward Thomas, and is based on his account of an aborted suicide attempt in 1911 whilst walking in the woods. The bittersweet irony of this attempt is that Thomas was shot and killed at the battle of Arras some six years later. I think that Adam has done a fantastic job of capturing a number of themes - isolation, depression, nature, and the parallels between Thomas' foreshadowing of his own death and a world on the brink of war to name a few - and it was a genuine pleasure to have worked with him on it.